10 Steps to Boil Sugar for Making Sugar Work

10 Steps to Boil Sugar for Making Sugar Work

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10 Steps to Boil Sugar for Making Sugar Work

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! After preparing the equipment, it is now time to boil the sugar. Boiling sugar must be done in a safety way. It’s because boiled sugar is very hot and dangerous if it accidentally spilled on your skin.

Below are the steps you should follow when boiling sugar:

  1. Place sugar and water into the pot
  2. Dissolve the sugar and water together by stirring the mixture until it reaches the point of simmering
  3. Ensure that no large clumps have formed on the bottom which will not dissolve properly and causing the sugar to caramelize or create crystallization
  4. Once the sugar has dissolve and is simmering remove any scum, which has formed on top of the syrup by skimming it off with a fine sieve or tea strainer
  5. Brush down the sides of the pot with a clean brush and water particularly in the early stages of the boiling process
  6. After the syrup reaches 145°C it is advisable to check your syrup
  7. Keep brushing down the sides of the pot and remove scum
  8. Do not wash down the pot with too much water because it will dilute the sugar syrup
  9. Excessive water may extend the boiling time and increasing the risk of browning or crystallization
  10. Do not stir the syrup after it has reached boiling point

It is important to cook the syrup rapidly, to ensure a quick turnover of the syrup that is exposed to the...

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