3 Steps to Present Room Service Accounts

3 Steps to Present Room Service Accounts

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3 Steps to Present Room Service Accounts

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! Room Service is one of hotel facility that enables guest to order food and beverage items to be delivered to their room. Most hotels provide room service, some are operated under the room service department and others may have room service controlled by the hotel’s restaurant.

Guest usually place their order through telephone and you have to record the order accurately. After that, relay the order to the kitchen then you need to be prepared to deliver the room service. As the order has been served, now you must present room service account to the guest.

Here are the easy steps to present room service accounts:

  1. Verify room service documentation
    The method of payment is confirmed when the order is taken. Room service deliveries will require room service staff to obtain a signature from the guest for the items delivered and confirm if it's to be charged to the room account. In some cases, the guest may wish to pay on delivery, and if they use cash then room service staff will need to issue a receipt.

Account Docket/bill should include:

  • Room Number
  • Registered Guest Name
  • Account type, Paid on delivery by credit card or cash or charged to the guest's room account
  • Delivery time /date
  • A List of items and the...
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