5 ‘Styles’ of Handling Conflict

5 ‘Styles’ of Handling Conflict

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5 ‘Styles’ of Handling Conflict

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! A conflict is a state of opposition between persons or ideas or interests. It is essentially a disagreement about something. To deal with conflict effectively, good conflict resolution skills are highly required.

This article presents more conflict resolution using several styles of handling conflict.

There are five major ways to handle conflict, let’s find out below!

  1. Avoidance
    This involves withdrawing from, or simply suppressing the conflict. Avoidance is useful when the conflict is trivial, when emotions are running high, or when the resolution of the conflict does not outweigh the potentially disruptive aspects of it.
  2. Accommodation
    The goal here is to maintain harmonious relationships, but at the expense of placing the needs of others above your own. This is most viable when the issue is not that important to you, or where you wish to build favor for situations in the future.
  3. Forcing
    This is where you attempt to satisfy your own needs at the expense of the other party. Often supervisors will use this method when formal authority is needed to settle a dispute. This works well on important, but unpopular, issues where action must be taken and where commitment by others is not critical.
  4. Compromise
    Compromise requires each...
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