5 Ways to Relay Messages Accurately

5 Ways to Relay Messages Accurately

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5 Ways to Relay Messages Accurately

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! In the event of taking telephone messages, all messages must be passed on to the nominated person. Speed in doing so is always important. There is a little point in taking a message if it is not passed on.

Options for relaying messages may be covered by company policy (so check with your Supervisor) but options may include:

  1. Placing the top copy of the message from the telephone message pad/book/form into the person’s pigeon hole. This is not appropriate for an urgent message
  2. Pinning it to the staff notice board. This is also unacceptable for an urgent message
  3. Sending the person an email, then check the read receipts
  4. Physically taking the message and giving it to the person (handing it to them – this is appropriate where the matter is urgent)
  5. Leaving the person a voice message to let them know they have a message and asking them to (as appropriate) contact you, check their email or pick the message up from their pigeon hole.

It is never acceptable just to leave the message in the telephone message book or on the telephone message pad and take no further action on it. In most instances, you will need to monitor the situation and keep calling or checking to see if the person required is available and/or has received the message.

If you are leaving work (that is, going for lunch...

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