8 Types of General Cleaning Equipment

8 Types of General Cleaning Equipment

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8 Types of General Cleaning Equipment

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! Cleaning equipment covers a wide range of products and the type of cleaning equipment found in hotels will vary.

Some hotels have just the basics, while other hotels will have an extensive range of the latest cleaning equipment with the ‘correct’ item for every cleaning job that needs doing. Essentially, the surface to be cleaned and the nature of the cleaning to be done will determine what is to be used.

General cleaning equipment that needs to be correctly selected and prepared before it is used may include:

1. Trolleys
Cleaning trolleys come in all different styles and sizes. If the cleaning that you undertake is far from the cleaners' store or involves many different tasks, then a well-organized trolley will make your job easier and you more efficient. Trolleys should be as inconspicuous as possible when cleaning and because they are seen by the guest should always be neat and tidy.

They should be stocked with: cleaning chemicals, cleaning cloths, garbage bags, bin liners, toilet rolls, paper towels, soap refills, wet floor signs, scourers, tongs, etc. If the trolley is correctly stacked and maintained, then you will save time and energy as you will be more efficient because everything is close at hand.

2. Buckets
You will need a variety of buckets to complete different tasks. Buckets...

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