9 Garnishes to Make Your Desserts Appealing

9 Garnishes to Make Your Desserts Appealing

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9 Garnishes to Make Your Desserts Appealing

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! Desserts may include a garnish to decorate and enhance the dish. The garnish should complement the ingredients. An example of this is Lemon Tart, garnished with candied lemon zest or Chocolate mousse garnished with chocolate curls.

Rules to make garnishes are:

  • They must be edible
  • Fine in texture
  • Small in size
  • Compliment the dessert.

Different types of garnish:

  1. Chocolate
    Chocolate is very adaptable to be used as garnishes on desserts. When melted it can be:
  • Piped into motifs and shapes
  • Molded to shape
  • Spread on bench and shaved, or curled
  • Spread onto baking paper and cut to shape while cooling.

When cooled the shapes needs to be stored in containers.

  1. Tuiles
    Tuiles are a thin paste of egg white, sugar, flour and almond (ground or paste) which is spread into shape either freehand or using a stencil, then is baked until it is lightly colored. It is quickly removed from the tray and molded immediately. The baked tuile will harden within 5 seconds and become brittle.
  2. Lace/GlassBiscuits
    High sugar dough that spread thinly when baked. Similar to brandy snap but made with liquid glucose rather than golden syrup.

Sugar and nuts ground together then sprinkled on greased baking tray or silicone mat and baked in oven until sugar melts but does not color. Hard crack 155°C.

  1. BrandySnap
    A mixture of sugar, butter, flour, golden syrup, and butter is baked on well-greased tray or a silicon sheet covered tray. The mixture will spread broadly to form a web like structure and needs to sit on tray for long time to cool before being shaped as it cools. The mixture must stay on mold until cooled. Very fragile.
  2. AlmondBread
    Mixture of meringue, nuts, and flour is baked in forms and when it is cooled the loaf is sliced thinly and baked in moderate one to crisp.
  3. Praline/Nougat
    Sugar cooked to caramel color; light amber, and allowed to cool. Can have nuts added for flavor and character.

Nougat is caramelized sugar and hazelnuts that when cool have been ground together to form a paste. Chocolate can be added to give slightly different flavor.

  1. SugarCaramel
    Caramelized sugar is spread over baking parchment and then broken into pieces when cool.
  2. Springrollwrapper
    Fine pastry that is normally used for savory wrap can be sprinkled with sugar and baked to caramelize the sugar. Can be cut to shape or broken over top.
  3. Pastry
    Choux pastry can be used for garnishes, piped to shape. Puff pastry and short pastry can be cut to shapes for a décor on desserts.

Many decors can be made for use as garnishes. But, note that you should not use same décor on all desserts.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Garry Blackburn

Subject Matter: Prepare hot, cold and frozen dessert

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