Accommodating Needs and Wants of the Group Tour

Accommodating Needs and Wants of the Group Tour

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Accommodating Needs and Wants of the Group Tour – Hello Ajarian! To guide people is not your only responsibility as a tour guide but you must accommodate the needs and wants of the group tour. Doing this will build a good rapport and enhance the participants’ experience.

Considering the needs and wishes of participants may include allowing for:

  1. Quiet time – to allow people time to relax and savor a view or experience
  2. Free time – for tour group members to do their own thing: most tour group members will want some time to do what they want as opposed to doing what has been organized for them
  3. A time for people to chat – this may involve chatting amongst themselves, chatting with other people they meet on the tour (locals, shop keepers, other venue staff) or chatting with their Tour Guide
  4. Personal enjoyment of site – this is time enabling tour group members to enjoy the tour as best suits them, rather than as imposed by the tour schedule/itinerary. Some people will prefer a passive orientation where they simply watch and listen while other will want a more active approach where they want to interact with people and activities
  5. Tour group members to have a rest – it is important to monitor the group regarding rest breaks and vital to understand the Tour Guide’s level of fitness does not dictate the requirements participants have to rest and recuperate
  6. ...
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