Assisting Customers Who Are Unable to Speak Local Language

Assisting Customers Who Are Unable to Speak Local Language

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Assisting Customers Who Are Unable to Speak Local Language – Hello Ajarian! Customers of the hospitality and tourism industry traditionally come from all corners of the globe, so it is common practice to have many customers on a daily basis who do not understand the local language. When faced with a language barrier, staff should attempt to communicate through the use of gestures, signs or simple words. While this is obviously not a perfect situation, it does at least show your desire to communicate.

Gestures are preferable to saying nothing and risking the customer feeling ignored. Attempts at gestures may include:

  • Pointing to indicate a location.
  • Holding fingers up to establish quantities.
  • Rubbing your hands to indicate temperature.
  • Nodding your head in agreement.
  • Shaking your head in disagreement.
  • Using facial expressions to relay your feelings.
  • Removing adjectives (descriptive words) from your speech.
  • Slowing your speech down and speaking clearly and concisely.
  • Avoiding using local idiom or slang.

Where possible documents should be printed in a variety of languages to enable customers to understand information relating to the hotel and the surrounding region. The printing of a selection of documentation in various languages should include, but not be limited to information compendium, emergency procedures, and menus.


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