Be Aware When Using Disposable Gloves!

Be Aware When Using Disposable Gloves!

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Be Aware When Using Disposable Gloves! – Hello Ajarian! Maintaining Personal Hygiene is essential, as contamination can easily occur from the food handlers. To prevent any contamination, one thing you should do is wearing gloves whenever you are in contact with food. The use of protective, disposable gloves in food handling is an excellent safe food handling practice but gloves do not/can not fix all food hygiene problems.

There are some important notes when wearing/using disposable gloves:

  • Change gloves immediately they are ripped/torn – do not continue working while wearing torn gloves.
  • Change gloves between handling raw and cooked, ready-to-eat foods – to avoid cross contamination (such as the transfer of bacteria from raw food/blood to cooked, ready-to-eat foods).
  • Change gloves every hour regardless – you cannot wear the same pair of gloves for longer than this, or for an entire shift.
  • If handling money do not use the same gloved hand to handle food – take one glove off, handle the money with that hand (without the glove on), and then put on a new/clean glove before returning to food handling duties.
  • If changing gloves during service, ensure they are not taken off over food/food surfaces – if the gloves contain...
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