Categories of Vegetables

Categories of Vegetables

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Categories of Vegetables – Hello Ajarian! Vegetables can be categorized into several categories. Categorizing vegetables can be based on the shape of the vegetables and also the part of that is eaten.

In general, there are three classifications of vegetables:

Root vegetable – A root vegetable is something that comes out of the soil and not from a tree or bush. Examples of root vegetables are:

Fruit vegetable – A fruit vegetable is something that is picked from a tree or shrub and is not sweet in taste.

Leafy vegetable – Leafy vegetable is an edible plant where only the leaves are consumed.

Availability of some vegetables is seasonal, it depends on:

  • When are they available in the market place where you are working?
  • Are they imported from other areas of your country or are they locally grown?
  • Are they imported from another country?

As for frozen vegetables, they will be available all year round and at a consistent price. The advantage of frozen fruit and vegetables is that it is easy to keep stock in quality condition until required.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Garry Blackburn

Subject Matter: Prepare vegetables, eggs, and farinaceous dishes

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