Check Operational Readiness of All In-Room Equipment

Check Operational Readiness of All In-Room Equipment

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Check Operational Readiness of All In-Room Equipment – Hello Ajarian! When cleaning a check-out room, there will be standards for checking the operational readiness of items. These standards aim to achieve uniformity and consistency across the establishment.

Even small things can be subject to these resetting standards. For example, some properties will require the telephone to be placed in the cradle a certain way and the telephone cord to fall to a nominated side of the unit.

In stay rooms, hotel policies may require that the settings set by the guest are allowed to remain (with the possible exception of air conditioning temperatures). For example, in an occupied room if the guest has light dimmers on a certain setting, the television on a certain channel and the volume of the radio at a certain setting – leave them as they are. By comparison, if the room is a departing room, things will need to be checked and where necessary re-set to the house standard settings.

Items included in this aspect of room servicing will include:

  1. In-room air conditioning set at a predetermined temperature level.
  2. Refrigerator left at a nominated setting.
  3. Television set to a particular volume or channel.
  4. Clock set to the correct time.
  5. Alarm clock checked to ensure the alarm is not active.
  6. Radio tuned to nominated channel and set at the desired volume.
  7. Dimmers set to medium setting.
  8. ...
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