Checks for Every Drink Made

Checks for Every Drink Made

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Checks for Every Drink Made – Hello Ajarian! In delivery standard quality of service, there is a need for you to use your senses of sight, smell, and touch to check and evaluate every drink you make.

In practice, you shall do the following to ensure the service you bring to the customers to meet the standard quality applied in the workplace.

  1. Looking at the finished product to make sure it looks acceptable. Things to check are:
  • All products of the same type, look the same:
    • Filled to same level;
    • Dusted as appropriate;
    • In the same style glass/cup/mug;
    • With the required topping (cream, sprinkles, marshmallows)
  • The correct number of drinks have been served to match the order placed;
  • Milk and cream used has nor exceeded its ‘Use By’ date;
  • Sufficient cups and saucers are provided for the number of people who are partaking in a pot of tea or coffee;
  • The product in the glass or cup looks as it should look, that is:
    • Nothing floating in solution which should not be there;
    • No ingredients used which should not have been used;
  • Specific customer requests have been accommodated in relation to:
    • Strength;
    • Size of cup/glass;
    • Additions;
    • Reductions;
  • There are no spills into the saucer or drips running down the side of a cup or mug or glass. If service of drink results in the drink being spilled into a saucer, or onto a napkin placed under a drink, then you should replace the saucer and/or napkin. In some cases, it may be necessary to make the drink again.
  1. Using your sense of smell to detect if there are any ‘off’ smells from things such as, for example, sour milk or cream which are out of date, or brewed coffee which has become stewed and/or burnt.
  2. Using your sense of touch to ensure:
  • Hot drinks are served hot;
  • Cold drinks are served cold.

A key to ensuring this occurs is to ensure items are served immediately they have been made.

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Written by: Alan Hickman

Subject Matter: Prepare and Serve Non-alcoholic Beverages

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