Choosing Ingredients for Cold Drinks

Choosing Ingredients for Cold Drinks

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Choosing Ingredients for Cold Drinks – Hello Ajarian! The starting point for preparing and serving cold drinks is to ensure the correct ingredients, equipment and glassware selected for each individual drink. The selection of ingredients for the preparation and service of cold drinks will be dictated and influenced by:

  • Customer requests and preferences which you should always try to accommodate
  • Items offered on the menu/drinks list. Most cold drinks prepared for customers are taken from this list and the necessary ingredients and other items for preparing these beverages are usually available at the workstation
  • House recipes
  • What is available in the venue. All venues have limitations in terms of what they have available.

Ingredients required for preparing and serving drinks will include the following basic categories. These are some common ingredients for making non-alcoholic cold drinks:

  1. Fruit juices – all types including fresh-squeezed and commercially prepared. For ones that are ‘bought in’ you need to verify they are fresh or, if it exists, within the ‘Use By’ date
  2. Fruit and vegetables for producing fruit juices, vegetable juices, and garnishes. Check products are fresh and suitable for use
  3. Dairy products such as milk, cream, and yoghurt. Check items are within their ‘Use By’ date
  4. Aerated waters – ‘soft drink’ also known as ‘carbonated beverages’
  5. Ice cream for use in milkshakes, thick shakes, and iced coffee. This may be traditional ice cream or specialist soft-serve product
  6. Powders – chocolate, malt
  7. Water/s – still, sparkling and flavoured
  8. Cordials to add to other beverages for colour and flavour
  9. Ice – block and crushed.

Where you become aware that a vital ingredient or item of equipment is missing or not working properly, this must be notified to the supervisor immediately and other staff must be advised if this means certain drinks advertised by the venue are unable to be served.

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Written by: Alan Hickman

Subject Matter: Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages

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