Collect Information on Your Measures of Effectiveness

Collect Information on Your Measures of Effectiveness

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Collect Information on Your Measures of Effectiveness – Hello Ajarian! In this third step of risk control evaluation, anything you need to know is to delve into the process of collecting information concerning occupational safety and health (OSH) as required for measuring its effectiveness.

Once the measures to be used have been decided, there is a need to decide how this information will be collected, how often it will be collected, and who will collect it.

It is useful to use a checklist when auditing the OSH system, or measuring if certain activities have been completed against a fixed time schedule. This checklist is then a primary method of collecting information on the effectiveness of OSH training.

Some possible questions to ask are:

  • Do the illness and injury recording procedures meet the specifications of relevant legislation, where applicable?
  • Are all incidents, illness and injury, and near misses:
  • Recorded?
  • Investigated?
  • Reported if and where required?
  • Analysed for trends?
  • Reported to employees?

If measuring performance against specified targets, information from health and safety records (see Element 4) should be reviewed. This could include reports on:

  • The frequency of incidents and dangerous occurrences;
  • Average lost time;
  • Costs of accidents, injury and incidents;
  • Costs of training, purchase of safety...
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