Deal with Claims for Lost Items (Part 1)

Deal with Claims for Lost Items (Part 1)

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Deal with Claims for Lost Items (Part 1) – Hello Ajarian! When a person makes a claim for a found item, it is important to provide high levels of service to assist this person. This article identifies the activities involved in helping the claimant identify their lost property.

People who have lost items will commonly contact the hotel to determine if the item has been found by going into the hotel to make an inquiry, they can also call or send an email to the hotel to see if their item has been handed in. These notes detail the established procedures for dealing with a person who arrives in person seeking claim an item they have lost at your hotel.

The basic requirements when a person arrives in person to claim an item they have lost and which has been found are:

  1. Use Appropriate Interpersonal Skills
    This means delivering lost and found services with the same care, courtes, and professionalism as all other services delivered by the venue. Greet and welcome the person as you would to a paying customer/guest.

Never do these things:

  • Give the person the impression of providing lost and found services is a chore or an interruption to other workplace activities.
  • Give the person impression you are doing the claimant them a favor by helping them get back their lost property.
  • Treat the person as if they were...
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