Develop OSH Performance Measures in Hospitality Industry

Develop OSH Performance Measures in Hospitality Industry

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Develop OSH Performance Measures in Hospitality Industry – Hello Ajarian! While the prior Discern What the OSH Objectives Are for the Industry constituted the initial step of the evaluation process of risk control, here in this article you are about to learn the next second step which is emphasized in developing OSH performance measures in hospitality industry.

Performance measures are designed to indicate achievement of the OSH objectives of the business. These measures may be built into objectives, or built into the OSH programs established by the business.

Whatever indicators are chosen, they should be put in place at the beginning, when the OSH objectives, plans and programs are established.

It is advisable to develop long and short-term measures of OSH performance. Short-term measures include:

  • An assessment of whether plans are being implemented as intended. If they are not being implemented as intended, why not;
  • The proportion of OSH grievances/issues successfully resolved at shop-floor level. The higher the number/ratio of issues resolved at shop-floor level, the better the OSH performance of the business;
  • Number of health and safety grievances/issues; a downward trend is positive.

Long-term indicators may include Injury and illness rates, incidence of gradual...

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