Disposing of Disposables

Disposing of Disposables

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Disposing of Disposables

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! Disposables are ‘single use’ items. These are items intended for one use only, after which they cannot be re-used and must be discarded. Disposables may be used as part of eat-in dining but are more prevalent where take away food sales occur.

Examples of disposable items include plastic cutlery, drinking straws, paper serviettes, containers for serving take away food such as aluminium foil and plastic containers, take away coffee, milk shake and other drink containers and pizza boxes. The lids to any take away containers are also included.

How to dispose recyclable items?

Many hotels have adopted policies that enable them to become environmentally responsible. The basis for these policies revolves around the need to:

  • Reduce - asking people to generate less waste.
  • Re-use - encouraging the use of a product more than once before it is discarded.
  • Recycle - suggesting that products can be re-made into something else.

These policies can apply not only to food and beverage items but to all waste produced by the venue.

In relation to actual food and beverages there is little that can be done in the way of recycling. These are usually disposed in the ‘normal’ way used by the property to get rid of its waste. In some cases soft food scraps may be put through a waste disposal unit to reduce...

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