Documents Related to Reservation

Documents Related to Reservation

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Documents Related to Reservation – Hello Ajarian! When creating a reservation there is always documentation that needs to be prepared and issued to the customer or stored internally. This documentation needs to be stored appropriately and be easily accessible. It is important for you to recognize various kinds of documents related to the reservation. In this article, will share about five common reservation documents. What are they?

  1. Receipts
    When guests make a payment such as a deposit (part payment) or full payment this will guarantee the reservation. Some guests choose to come into the hotel and pay by cash while others prefer to pay by credit card. The credit card information is taken. However, the amount is not usually processed until the guest arrives.

In either case, the customer must be issued with a receipt for proof of payment. This can be done either manually or printed by a computer or cash register. This record of payment is recorded on to the customer’s reservation in the computer system.

  1. Invoices
    Usually, invoices are only issued to companies and travel agents for reservations made. This invoice will show the details of the reservation, room rate that has been quoted, the commission payable and the total amount due.

The terms of payment will be printed...

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