English 101: 8 Ways to Say Thank You

English 101: 8 Ways to Say Thank You

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English 101: 8 Ways to Say Thank You

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! Expressing gratitude is a language tool that has important social value in English. When you express gratitude you evoke feelings of warmth and solidarity. When you fail to express gratitude it can result in negative feelings and consequences.

Throughout this article, you will learn helpful phrases to express gratitude and in what context. When dealing with a supervisor, colleague or subordinate, saying ‘thank you’ is the easiest thing you can do to show your appreciation of them.

Ways to say ‘Thank You’

There are many ways to express gratitude in English. However, you must determine the appropriate level of gratitude before you can express it properly. Examples:

  • Thanks
  • Thanks a lot
  • Thank you
  • Thank you very much
  • Thank you so much
  • Thank you kindly
  • I appreciate that
  • I really appreciate that.


In English, the sound ‘th’ represents in most cases one of two different phonemes: the voiced dental fricative /ð/ (as in thank you) and the voiceless dental fricative /θ/ (thing). Both ‘th’ sounds are made putting your tongue between your teeth so that the tip of your tongue is touching the tips of your top teeth.

Now you can make a ‘th’ sound by blowing are through your teeth....

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