Establish, Update and Finalize Customer Accounts

Establish, Update and Finalize Customer Accounts

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Establish, Update and Finalize Customer Accounts – Hello Ajarian! Food and beverage attendants may be required to process payments for meals and drinks purchased by customers. At all times the house rules and standard procedures for processing these transactions must be strictly adhered to. These will vary between hotels so it is vital to determine what applies where you work.

Processing a customer account refers to:

  • Creating an account for the customer or table.
  • Updating the account as items are ordered/purchased.
  • Finalizing the account by accepting payment.

Points to note when processing a customer account:

  • When using an electronic system to process an account always make sure you follow manufacturer’s instructions. Obtain in-hotel training before using the system.
  • Review supporting dockets received to verify table/customer, make sure the dockets are legible and can be understood, and ensure only the items ordered are charged for.
  • Post charges (see below) promptly to ensure the account is ready when needed and to make sure money for all items bought by the customer is recovered when the account is paid.
  • Update the account balance or verify the updated account balance where this occurs automatically, making sure all entries are accurate and all charges have been correctly entered or processed.
  • Produce the final account or bill when requested...
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