Ethical Considerations in Tourism Industry

Ethical Considerations in Tourism Industry

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Ethical Considerations in Tourism Industry – Hello Ajarian! Ethical issues impacting on the industry (and about which you must investigate the business policies and standard operating procedures) can include a range of areas. While ethical issues may or may not be enforced by laws or regulations, there is a certain 'code' by which all businesses should operate.

Ethical considerations


Confidentiality is allied to privacy. We are under obligation to keep customer information confidential. However, we are also under an obligation to keep information about the business confidential. If you become aware of information about the business you are expected to keep this information to yourself and not disclose it to anyone including family, friends and even other staff members.

The matters about which you are expected to maintain confidentiality include:

  • Details about security – including alarm codes, combinations to safes
  • Details about trade – amount of revenue generated by bookings
  • Details about purchases made – including commercial arrangements that the business has been able to negotiate with suppliers/wholesalers/airlines, method of payment used
  • Occurrences within the premises – incidents where authorities have been involved such as attendance by police, ambulance, doctors; and staff dismissals.
  • ...
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