Fat Bloom and Sugar Bloom: What are they and How to Fix them

Fat Bloom and Sugar Bloom: What are they and How to Fix them

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Fat Bloom and Sugar Bloom: What are they and How to Fix them

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! Chocolate can be easily found in numerous desserts as it is very versatile. You can be creative with chocolate and turn it into many forms: you can melt, spread, pipe, chill, sculp or temper chocolate as desired.

Chocolate might seems easy to handle, yet there are times when certain problems with chocolate arise. What are the common problems with chocolate and how to fix them?

Fat bloom

Fat bloom is recognized as a yellowish to greyish-white coating on the surface of the chocolate. This problem is caused by:

  • Bad tempering
  • Incorrect cooling
  • Presence of fat incompatible with chocolate
  • Warm storage conditions cold centers.

Fat bloom creates an unappealing appearance in the chocolate and makes it a bit less flavorful. But unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to restore fat bloom on chocolate. However, storage at constant temperature can delay the appearance of fat bloom.

Sugar bloom

Sugar bloom is a grey bloom, which is generally caused by dampness or condensation dissolving the surface of chocolate, which recrystallizes on drying.

This problem is caused by:

  • Damp conditions
  • Dew (moisture in cool air)
  • Hygroscopic (water absorbing) ingredients
  • Condensation caused by cool storage.

Fortunately, preventing sugar bloom is pretty easy: you can store chocolate in a low-humidity space with stable temperatures and do everything in your power to avoid letting the chocolate come in contact with liquids.

These problems above may change the chocolate’s texture, but don’t worry because you can still cook and consume the chocolate safely. Both fat bloom and sugar bloom wouldn’t harm anybody, they are just affecting the appearance of the chocolate.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Garry Blackburn

Subject Matter: Prepare chocolate and produce chocolate products

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