File Documents in accordance with Enterprise Procedures

File Documents in accordance with Enterprise Procedures

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File Documents in accordance with Enterprise Procedures – Hello Ajarian! It is somewhat necessary that a business establishment maintains its data storage regularly or by schedule. It is also important that you learn to file documents in accordance with enterprise procedures.

Data Storage

Most data is stored on a computer’s hard drive. It is important to understand a computer’s file management system in order to save work in the right place. Data is stored in folders (or directories) and sub-folders (or sub-directories), similar to a paper-based filing cabinet.

Other than on the hard drive, data may also be stored on:

  • USB memory sticks;
  • External hard drives: important in case of computer failure to safeguard large amounts of information;
  • CD Roms: remember that a limited amount of information can be stored here, so it is a good idea to compress the file to accommodate large amounts of data. They are becoming obsolete, in favour of the above.

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Written by: Alan Hickman & Birgitta March

Subject Matter: Perform Clerical Procedures

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