File Reservation Procedures

File Reservation Procedures

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File Reservation Procedures – Hello Ajarian! Most hotels generate a large amount of printed and manual documentation. These documents can be filed manually, such as in a filing cabinet or electronically. It is essential that you are able to retrieve this data so file logically for ease of reference and security. Processing a range of office documents and maintaining a document filing system requires expertise in clerical and administrative duties.

In this article, will explain about filing and arranging documents.

Firstly, what is filing?

Filing is the process of storing and arranging documents according to a particular classification. Filing can be classified, or indexed, into five categories:

  • Alphabetically
    Documents filed alphabetically are filed according to the first, and subsequent letter of the senders or receivers name, or according to the type of document, such as policies and procedures.
  • Numerically
    This means your documents are filed according to a number, such as a room number, account number, invoice number, or other numerical identifier.
  • Geographically
    Documents are filed according to a location or designated area.
  • By Subject
    Some documents cannot be filed in any other way except by their subject matter, e.g. letters of complaint,...
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