Food Safety Procedures in the Workplace

Food Safety Procedures in the Workplace

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Food Safety Procedures in the Workplace – Hello Ajarian! Food handlers are required to comply with workplace and legislated requirements to ensure the safety of food prepared and served for human consumption. Policies and procedures will vary between businesses however all operations can be expected to have internal requirements reflecting their legislated obligations and addressing identified workplace food safety hazards.

Potentially, food safety hazards exist in every food hotel and restaurant at every stage of food handling:

  • Purchasing food for use in the hotel and restaurant.
  • Receiving goods from suppliers into the hotel and restaurant.
  • Food storage prior to preparation and/or service.
  • De-frosting/thawing frozen food.
  • Preparing of raw materials for sale/service and the cooking food (including the cooling hot food for storage after it has been cooked).
  • Cold holding and hot holding and display of prepared food for sale/service.
  • Re-heating of prepared food.
  • Serving food.
  • Self-service of food by customers to themselves.

In addition, workplace policies and procedures can be expected to exist to address other food safety-related issues such as:

  1. Cleaning and sanitizing of food utensils, equipment, areas and food contact and preparation surfaces.
  2. Specific food handling techniques required by the workplace...
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