Functions of a Computerized Reservation System

Functions of a Computerized Reservation System

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Functions of a Computerized Reservation System – There are many computerized reservation systems (CRS) in use today and while they all provide similar functions, menus, sub-menus, options, reports, statistics and accounting facilities the individual programs are all unique.

This means that the specific operational aspects of each CRS will differ for each separate system including:

  • The way you log on
  • The terminology used
  • The classifications provided for
  • How you enter guest information
  • Move between screens
  • Create new files
  • Manipulate information
  • Modify and retrieve bookings
  • Print accounts and reports. 

In addition, there will also be system variations in Hot Keys, defaults, abbreviations, information descriptors and acceptable responses to prompts and question boxes.

Functions that can be performed on a computerized reservations system will vary considerably depending on the system in use and the other systems to which it is interfaced, but may include:

  1. Interrogating and amending existing data
  2. Making reservations, including group, individual, corporate, in-house, commission basis
  3. Amending reservations, such as extending or changing dates, altering flights, changing room numbers
  4. Determining vacancies and current level of availability, including tickets, seats, rooms
  5. Recording customer...
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