Glass Surfaces Cleaning Techniques

Glass Surfaces Cleaning Techniques

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Glass Surfaces Cleaning Techniques – Hello Ajarian! Glass is used in many hotels as it is very effective in improving the aesthetics of an area and giving the appearance of wider space. Glass is commonly found in windows, mirrors, coffee tables, and showers. As glass is a fragile object, to clean them is not an easy task. In this article. would like to share about the cleaning techniques used for glass surfaces.

1. Scrubbing

  • First, look carefully at a glass surface before you start to clean. Look for things like scratches, cracks, chips, hard water spots, paint, stucco, silicone or cement. This will give you a good idea of how hard to scrub, or whether or not you will need a window scraper to remove the hard to move items.
  • Second, if the glass is especially dirty it is recommended to give it a pre-wash. Using your scrubber or a natural sponge, soak the entire window. Then use your squeegee to remove the dirty water.
  • Third, now that the majority of dirt is off the glass you can give your window another inspection. Rewet the window and begin to scrub. When scrubbing a window, start with the edges. Scrub back and forth, up and down along each edge. Then, start scrubbing from the top and work your way down to the bottom using small circular motions. Use caution when pressing on any glass. Windows can take quite a bit...
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