Good Sources of Information for Tour Guides

Good Sources of Information for Tour Guides

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Good Sources of Information for Tour Guides – Hello Ajarian! An essential starting point in developing guiding skills and knowledge is to identify guide information sources and contacts. The source of information is endless and can be found anywhere. In this article, lists a range of these sources and contacts.

Tour Operators and wholesalers

These are excellent sources of sample tour and travel packages. They also provide information about available tour options and inclusions including the schedules, prices, terms and conditions, policies and procedures. Tour operators provide insight into:

  • Customers, visitors, and tour groups
  • Tourist needs, wants, and preferences
  • Experiences with groups.

Venue operators

These provide excellent information in relation to:

  • Promotional and advertising brochures and flyers
  • Opening days and times
  • Entry fees
  • Attractions, displays, and events
  • Facilities provided
  • Meals/refreshments available
  • Location and access
  • Booking provisions and ticketing.


The internet is an excellent information source but the following advice may be of use:

  • Never use the internet only for references/information – it is important to make direct contact with ‘real people’
  • Travel...
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