How to Access and Enter Guest Room

How to Access and Enter Guest Room

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How to Access and Enter Guest Room – Hello Ajarian! All guest rooms must only be accessed after following the house procedures that apply. These procedures relate to service delivery and security. They also function to help avoid embarrassment to both guests and staff.

Every hotel will have its own standard procedures for accessing and entering a guest room. Even if these are not provided in writing, they will nonetheless exist in practice. You must find out what applies where you work and adhere to their protocols.

The process for entering a room listed on your worksheet as a vacant room or a Departed room should be the same as for entering a Stay room. Just in case someone is in the room: we don’t want to disturb or embarrass anyone in any room just be entering without notice or entering with almost no notice.

The following describes the procedures for entering a guest room:

  1. Knock on door (quite loudly) – use knuckles not keys or any other item as it could mark the door and call out, “Housekeeping!”.
  2. Count to five, if there is no answer, knock again, and then use your key to enter.
  3. Take one step into the room and announce out “Good morning/afternoon, Housekeeping to service your room.”
  4. If the guest is still in bed, undressed or distressed, quickly and quietly leave the room.
  5. If the guest is awake and up, say “Housekeeping,...
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