How to Adjust Glassware for Silver Service

How to Adjust Glassware for Silver Service

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How to Adjust Glassware for Silver Service – Hello Ajarian! Most table set ups will include standard wine glasses, with many establishments also setting water glasses. Where the guests order certain drinks and the correct glassware is not already set this will require you to:

  • Remove the glassware that is not needed
  • Replace it with the appropriate glasses.

It is standard industry practice that all glasses be removed from a table, and carried to a table, on a tray. Glasses should be removed and set/re-set from the guest’s right-hand side. Practical examples of the need to adjust glasses may include:

  • Removing all wines glasses where guests elect not to order any bottles of wine
  • Removing the white wine glass that was set and replacing it with a (larger) red wine glass if the guest orders red wine
  • Adding a red wine glass if only a white wine glass was set and the table has ordered both red and white wine
  • Removing the set glasses and replacing them with champagne flutes where a sparkling wine is ordered.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Nick Hyland

Subject Matter: Provide Silver Service

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