How to Allocate Rooms According to Guests' Requirements

How to Allocate Rooms According to Guests' Requirements

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How to Allocate Rooms According to Guests' Requirements – Hello Ajarian! Rooms need to be allocated according to the guests’ requirements (non-smoking room, king-size bed, interconnecting rooms, poolside room and so on) and the hotel’s policies.

The Housekeeper’s Report will be used to determine which rooms are vacant, clean, dirty, out of order, or on inspection. Room allocation is one of the first jobs for reception staff – working out which guest(s) are to go in which room.

When allocating rooms, attention needs to be paid to the Arrivals List on which special requests and room rates may be included.

In the case of specific room types that are limited such as "The Presidential Suite" where there is only one of this type of room, the room will be allocated to the guest’s reservation at the time the reservation is made to ensure the room is "blocked off" for this guest.

The same would occur for family suites or interconnecting rooms, or honeymoon suites (of which there is a limited number). All these rooms are blocked off at the time the reservations are made to ensure the rooms’ availability.

Reserved rooms are usually allocated on the morning of the arrival date. Today most hotels pre-allocate all rooms to guests before their arrival rather than simply "pick" the appropriate room that is available at the time the guest arrives...

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