How to Apply Questioning and Listening Techniques

How to Apply Questioning and Listening Techniques

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How to Apply Questioning and Listening Techniques – Hello Ajarian! Selling is fundamentally an exchange of information. It involves the customer telling you what they want, and you tell them what is available and what you can provide.

There are two strategies to capture information from the customer about what they want, through questioning and listening techniques.

1. The Questioning Techniques
Questioning techniques should be used to help determine the buying motive of the customer. The initial use of ‘closed’ questions is not recommended when trying to gather information about what the customer wants because these questions do not get the customer talking. The best option is to ask ‘open’ questions which require the customer to provide more information.

For example:

  • "What type of entertainment are you looking for?"
  • "Why do you feel you need to take the night tour and not the day tour?"
  • "Where would you prefer your room to be located?"

Meanwhile, closed questions can be used when the open questions have identified certain customer requirements.

For example:

“What would you like to drink?” (Open question)

 “Wine, please”

“Would you prefer red or white” (Closed...

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