How to Assist and Escort Guests to Their Rooms

How to Assist and Escort Guests to Their Rooms

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How to Assist and Escort Guests to Their Rooms – Hello Ajarian! The concierge or bell desk is usually located in the front foyer or lobby of a Hotel or Resort in an area close to the driveway and front doors. The porter is usually the first representative of the hotel who meets face-to-face with the guest and this meeting can have a lasting impression. The moment the porter identifies a guest, they should immediately acknowledge them and not wait for the guest to make the first move.

  1. When guests arrive the porter should welcome them warmly, the hotel may have a protocol for greeting guests. As part of the greeting, offer assistance to guests. When assisting a guest out of a car or from a bus support the guest under the elbow to steady them. If guests are arriving by transit bus or airport shuttle then porters may have to greet guests at a drop off point.
  2. Check the number and type of luggage the guest has for and then the porter will collect the luggage from the car, bus or shuttle or other transport. Porters may check luggage for damage or irregularity.
  3. The Porter will direct the guest to reception and if the guest has limited local language, body language will indicate the direction the guest should go.
  4. When the guest has checked in a porter may escort them to their room or follow later with the luggage. As the porter escorts the guest they need to ensure that guests are going in the right direction...
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