How to Build Rapport with Guests?

How to Build Rapport with Guests?

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How to Build Rapport with Guests? – Hello Ajarian! An important starting point for the relationship between valets and guests is for the valet to be in attendance when the guest arrives to welcome them, introduce themselves and commence the process of rapport building.

The word ‘rapport’ comes from the French word ‘raporter’ meaning ‘to bring back’ which identifies nicely what you are trying to achieve with guests or clients when you work as a valet – to bring them back to the hotel.

Because valets will frequently spend a large portion of their time with guests it is important that rapport is built to enhance the relationship between the guest and the hotel and create the foundation for optimal guest satisfaction.

Building rapport means establishing a relation and connection with the guest is characterized by agreement and harmony. All communication between valets and guests must be characterized by the following points, some of which have also been discussed in previous notes:

  1. Consistent use of a professional manner by the valet – in all dealings with guests.
  2. Politeness and courtesy – showing respect for the guest.
  3. Use of correct etiquette at all times – behind closed doors as well as when in public.
  4. Use of guest name at all times – or an appropriate alternative such as ‘Sir’...
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