How to Clear Glassware in Silver Service

How to Clear Glassware in Silver Service

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How to Clear Glassware in Silver Service – Constant observation of guests’ tables will indicate when clearing of glasses and bottles is required. Drink waiting staff should remember that their job does not finish after the initial service and pouring of a bottle: attention should be paid to topping up glasses as required, and clearing empty bottles and glasses.

Clear unused glassware

Where the cover has included glassware, these glasses must be cleared when guests indicate they will not be using those glasses. For example, if a red and white wine glass were set on the cover and the guests ordered only white wine, the red wine glasses must be removed.

Where guests order a drink that is not catered for by the glasses that have been set, the glasses that have been set must be removed and exchanged for the correct glasses. For example, if glasses for still table wines were set and the guests ordered champagne the wine glasses would have to be swapped for champagne flutes.

Clear used glassware

Where there is wine or beer still in the bottle, this should be offered before glasses are cleared. When a guest refuses the offer of the drink that is left in the bottle, staff should ask if the customer would like the bottle and their glasses taken. If you unsure whether or not a guest has finished with their glass, be it empty or with some drink still in it, then politely ask the guest whether or not they have finished.

Where a table orders a second bottle of wine of the same brand, type, style and year, fresh glasses should be offered, although this offer may well be refused, or guests may wonder why it is being done. When a table orders another bottle of wine different to what they have previously been served, fresh glassware must be set before the wine is presented, even though this may add to the glassware already on the table.

All glassware taken from the table, used or unused, must be transported on a drinks tray. Glasses must be held by their stem or base. Never put fingers inside glasses, whether it is used or unused.

When a bottle is emptied it should be removed, and the guests offered the drink list to encourage a further sale. Staff must guard against being ‘pushy’, but must also try to provide service and maximise sales. When removing glasses, the same rules apply as for placing them on the table: rebalance the tray, do not hold the glass by the rim, or place fingers inside the glass.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Nick Hyland

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