How to Collect Linen Items After End of Service

How to Collect Linen Items After End of Service

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How to Collect Linen Items After End of Service – Hello Ajarian! Once all the tables have been cleared, it is now time to pay attention to handling linen items. Whilst many restaurants or hotels will own their own linen, some may hire these items as part of standard procedure or to cater for a particular theme or specific event requirement.

Regardless of whether linen is owned or hired by the restaurant or hotel it must be:

  • Collected – they are normally collected and placed in one location, central to all tables
  • Sorted into different types of linen including: 

- Napkins

- Table linen

- Service cloths

- Cleaning cloths

  • Checked – as part of the sorting process any linen deemed to be damaged or requiring special cleaning will be identified
  • Counted – once items have been separated by category, they must be counted to ensure that they are all there. It is quite common for some linen to be thrown away or used by staff for general cleaning
  • Separated – linen that is owned by the hotel must be separated from that which has been hired for the occasion
  • Forwarded to the appropriate location, whether an internal laundry or a secure waiting area for external companies to collect.

Linen is very expensive and therefore great effort needs to be taken to ensure that it is accounted for and handled in the correct manner.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Nick Hyland

Subject Matter: Provide food and beverage services

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