How to Collect Loaned Items

How to Collect Loaned Items

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How to Collect Loaned Items – Hello Ajarian! There may be times when the guest will only require an additional piece of equipment for a certain time span – a short-term loan. When this item is placed in the room, it may be a good idea for you to reach an agreement with the guest about the collection time for that item.

The main reasons to identify a time for collection for these items are:

  • To allow the guest to be able to plan their stay with us – it saves them wondering what is going to happen in relation to the item: they know what’s going to and happen and can plan accordingly
  • To prevent the situation where the guest may place the item in the corridor outside their door – minimizing the chance of damage to the item, or theft
  • To give the guest space in their room – unwanted items take up space that the guest may want to use for something else
  • To allow the asset to be put back into inventory and available for use by another guest if the need arises.

In relation to agreeing on a time for collection of these short-term (or other) loan items:

  1. The arrangement to pick up should be made as a suggestion rather than a requirement – the central idea is to provide service not to set limitations or ‘tell the guest what to do’
  2. Guests should be encouraged to contact housekeeping and arrange for an extension of...
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