How to Complete the Registration Card

How to Complete the Registration Card

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How to Complete the Registration Card – Hello Ajarian! All guests in an accommodation property are required by law to register. This usually takes the form of completing a ‘registration card’, a document that must be filled in and signed by the guest to obtain a room. By signing the registration card, the guest is entering into a contract with the property to pay for the services it provides.

In some countries, it is essential that hotel guests provide proof of identity. This is usually done with the inspection of a guest’s passport and/or visa (as appropriate). Some hotels will take a copy of the documents to keep on file and some may even keep the passport for a few days. Whatever process your hotel follows to make sure you advise the guest of what you are doing.

If you are using a PMS, the computer will have printed a registration card for each arriving guest with a reservation for the day and this will include all the details given in the reservation. All you need to do is ask the guest to check that the details are correct, make any necessary changes and sign the card.

But if your property does not have a PMS, the guest will need to fill in the registration card. If you have the guest’s details in your Guest History card file, you may type the registration card in readiness for the guest’s arrival and the guest need only sign the card. Don’t forget to manually update your guest...

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