How to Confirm Booking Details with Customers

How to Confirm Booking Details with Customers

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How to Confirm Booking Details with Customers – Hello Ajarian! Once you have completed the reservations process you will need to make sure all the data is accurate and what the guest requires. The best way to do this is to read the booking details back to the customer as this gives the customer the opportunity to make any changes if necessary. When confirming a hotel reservation, the following details need to be confirmed:

  • Arrival and departure dates and days.
  • Spelling of the guest name.
  • Contact details (address, phone).
  • Type of room and number of rooms.
  • Room rate quoted or cost quoted.
  • Method of payment.
  • Special requests.

For a better understanding in confirming booking details, you can read the dialogue below:

Reservations agent: Thank you for the reservations details Mr. Collins. I will just confirm all the information with you.

Mr. Collins: Yes, that is OK.

Reservations agent: Now Mr Collins we have you arriving on Tuesday 16th. June staying for 3 nights and departing Friday 19th. June.

The booking is in the name of Collins – C O L L I N S Mr. G A R R Y (spell the name). Your address is 345 King Street, Sydney, NSW Australia 2136. Your mobile number is 0418 578 908.


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