How to Confirm Guest Order for Room Service

How to Confirm Guest Order for Room Service

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How to Confirm Guest Order for Room Service – Hello Ajarian! Once the order has been taken from the customer, you must clarify the details of the order. To do this, repeat the order back to the customer to check for accuracy, and amend where necessary, room service orders are frequently placed over the phone or by text and there is no actual face-to-face interaction, which can lead to confusion, misunderstanding, and mistake. In some cases, the guest may be tired and emotional and this may affect their speech. In other cases, the guest may not be from an English speaking country and they may have basic language problems.

The delivery of meals/beverages that are not as ordered (or as intended to be ordered) will cause delay: when the wrong thing is delivered to the guest room and has to be returned and the order re-done. It will also cause negative PR. In addition, there is the loss of time and profit caused by supplying the wrong dish and having to discard it.

When taking a room service order you must never be afraid to ask questions these questions will help to clarify orders, special requests, and delivery requirements. When clarifying details check the guest name and spelling and the room number this may be visible on a screen when you answer the request. As the guest who is registered in the room is responsible for any charges it’s important to confirm the order has the consent of the registered guest if the name given is different. Also check:

  • The time the room service is required
  • The number of guests being served
  • Whether the room service being requested is for service in the guests’ room or elsewhere; poolside or lounge area. The order may be required for takeaways such as a picnic basket, or packed sandwiches.

Check the following food order requirements:

  • Does the guest require vegetables or salad?
  • How is the steak to be cooked?
  • Cream or ice cream with the dessert?
  • Annunciate clearly, some words may be unclear, mispronounced.
  • Ask the guest to repeat if words are indistinct for example, “Was that Salad or Salsa?” or “Do you want the steak are or medium-rare?”

It is possible to ring a room back to clarify details of the order, but doing so may interrupt the guest and inconvenience them, or delay the production of the order. Be guided by a supervisor or the policies and procedures of the venue.

Timing of the delivery is influenced by the cooking and assembly time of the order, the distance to the room or service point and the time of day. Mornings are busy times with lifts and corridors shared with Housekeeping staff and porters. Most establishments will have a guide for timing to check how long. Timing may also influence a guest’s choice of food items.

A guest may need to translate currency to allow the guest to compare value. As in a restaurant there may be daily specials or weekly dishes these too Room Service staff need good product knowledge and know what changes can be made to a dish.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Evelyn Collins and Linda Wilson

Subject Matter: Provide Room Service

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