How to Deal with Problems between Group Members

How to Deal with Problems between Group Members

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How to Deal with Problems between Group Members – Hello Ajarian! Being a Tour Guide involves carrying and discharging many responsibilities, from the moment tour group members arrive until their final departure. Among these responsibilities during the tour, there might be some problems arise between the group members.

In this kind of situation, it must be the Tour Guide who is in control of the tour – not the tour group members!

So, how to deal with problems between tour group members?

  1. Ask the two parties to come to one side and talk
    It is important everything said when addressing issues involving two parties is spoken in front of both parties so there can be no suspicion/question over what is said. Ask the parties what the problem is – this allows insight and also allows the parties to get things off their chest
  2. Be cooperative together
    Explain how their behavior is adversely impacting the enjoyment of other tour group members. Ask them to refrain from further action which disrupts the tour – and thank them for their cooperation
  3. Seek for the best solution
    Where the tour is long one, attention should be paid to trying to resolve the root cause of the issue – where the tour is a short one, attention should focus on developing a solution to effectively address the problem until the tour has finished.
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