How to Deal with Unclaimed Items

How to Deal with Unclaimed Items

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How to Deal with Unclaimed Items – Hello Ajarian! When dealing with unclaimed lost and found items it is vital hotel policies are followed. These policies will comply with legal requirements and demonstrate adherence to appropriate business ethics. This article identifies standard industry policies regarding the disposal of items.

Holding times

This policy will specify the length of time a property will retain an item before disposing of it. The length of time items held usually depends on the classification of the item.

  • Valuable items
    Valuable items are held for between six – twelve months. Valuable items are held longer because there is a greater chance the owner will eventually make a claim for them.
  • Non-valuable items
    Non-valuable items are commonly held for three – six months. If the hotel has a guest library, unclaimed books may be entered into the library.
  • Perishable food
    Where perishable food is held, it is usually kept for 24 – 48 hours only. Many hotels immediately throw out all open bottles of drink, and all opened food found in a departed guest room/refrigerator.

Disposal of items

This policy dictates what happens to found items if they are not claimed.

  • Valuable items, unclaimed valuable are treated differently to other items...
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