How to Determine Shellfish Menu Costs Through Yield Testing

How to Determine Shellfish Menu Costs Through Yield Testing

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How to Determine Shellfish Menu Costs Through Yield Testing – Hello Ajarian! To determine shellfish menu costs, you need to do a yield testing. Yield testing is a test to determine how many serves are able to obtained from a set amount of product. These are some factors which impact the yield testing:

Portion weights

Shellfish is relatively easy to portion as most is purchased one by one. For crayfish, lobster and crabs they usually purchased by kilo. These are some options you can make after identifying the shellfish portion:

  • If purchased by the 'each' then the only decision is how much per serve
  • If purchased by each then the decision has to be made regarding 'terms of sale'
  • Sold by kilo; how heavy they are when taken from tank

Off-cut usage

Maximize the usage of shellfish. For crayfish and lobster, you can use their shells to make bisques sauce or soup. The other option is using prawn heads to make seafood sauce. It depends on your need.

Staff skills

Before doing the yield testing, you must consider your staff skills. Are they sufficient enough to handle and process shellfish humanely?. If the staff are not trained sufficiently to kill live seafood humanely and efficiently then result of this lack of skill will show up in dish being presented.

Small shellfish sold per serve

Small pippis or clams are generally small; so many in plate but still needs to be measured. Also, mussels generally measured by weight or volume.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Garry Blackburn

Subject Matter: Prepare and cook seafood

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