How to Do Vacuuming

How to Do Vacuuming

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How to Do Vacuuming – Hello Ajarian! All carpeted areas should be vacuumed and many non-carpeted areas including wooden, tiled or linoleum floors may also require vacuuming. It is essential that all surfaces are clean and free from dirt, dust and other items.

Any stains on carpeted areas should be removed using the appropriate stain removal method for your hotel that relates specifically to the type of carpet, the active ingredients of the chemical and the type of stains. Where this does not remove the stain, a maintenance report may need to be completed, or the supervisor notified.

Try to vacuum the area starting at the furthest corner from the door and work back toward the exit. Ensure you vacuum around and under all furniture. Particular attention should be placed on the corners of the room, including the skirting boards.

To avoid injury when vacuuming, bend your knees when cleaning under items. Try to avoid ‘bending over’ the machine. Keep it behind you where possible, moving it forward as you vacuum from a point furthest from the room entry door towards the entrance door of the room.

Remember to place any used cloths in a suitable place for cleaning. Ensure any rubbish taken from rubbish bins are placed in the external rubbish areas with recycling functions conducted in line with company policy.

All pieces of equipment must be cleaned out of all detergents, residual...

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