How to Enhance Service Delivery Standards

How to Enhance Service Delivery Standards

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How to Enhance Service Delivery Standards – Hello Ajarian! As the staff member working in the environment where the guest resides and being the contact point for the guest, your input, suggestions, and input is invaluable in ensuring that the services and products provided not only meet the expectations of the guest but actually exceeds them.

This requires detailed planning of both services and products. Without either of these, the guest experience is certainly compromised.

Services are commonly referred to as the output of staff resulting from their current knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Therefore to improve the service provided, management must plan to improve each staff member’s:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills

Staff is always keen to learn and improve and management should strive to find out from staff what they would like to learn to enable them to provide better service.

This training may come in the form of:

  • Workshops
  • Training sessions
  • Qualifications and courses
  • Buddy system
  • Mentoring programs.

Staff needs to have a good understanding of what they consider important to know and this must be communicated and understood by management. 

Range of services

Each hospitality organization provides a range of housekeeping services to its guests.

A hotel may choose to increase its range of...

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