How to Establish the Purpose of Call

How to Establish the Purpose of Call

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How to Establish the Purpose of Call – Hello Ajarian! The first step after providing an acceptable greeting to the caller is to quickly establish the purpose of the call. You must never assume that you know why the caller has called. You must always be on your guard to prevent listening to just one or two words the caller says and jumping to a wrong conclusion about the reason for the call. You may think you are being helpful, but it is very annoying to the caller.

For example, a caller says “I’m ringing about a reservation in the Grill Room” should not immediately be transferred to the Grill Room. They may have wanted to go on to say “I had a booking there the other night and there was a mix-up with it. I want to speak to the manager to make a complaint.”

Keys in making sure you correctly establish the purpose of a call before processing it include:

  1. Asking questions. It is common for people who answer telephone calls to have to ask the caller questions to better determine how or where to process their call. This is because the caller often fully understands what they want to say or who they want to talk to. However, they may fail to convey this and appear to assume you know what they want to talk about and who they need to speak with
  2. Listening to the information given by the caller. This highlights how critical it is for those who take incoming telephone calls...
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