How to Handle and Load Housekeeping Trolley Correctly

How to Handle and Load Housekeeping Trolley Correctly

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How to Handle and Load Housekeeping Trolley Correctly – Hello Ajarian! Housekeeping trolley is the most important equipment for room attendants because it is a place to carry all supplies needed to clean rooms. As a room attendant, you must understand how to handle and load housekeeping trolley correctly because trolleys are large items and when fully loaded can be extremely heavy.

When loading the trolley, ensure it is loaded safely and does not prevent any danger to others. Here are the key points to remember when stocking or handling trolleys:

  • When identified, immediately report any damage or faults with the trolley – all housekeeping departments should have periodical checks done on equipment by Maintenance department.
  • Always push the trolley, don’t pull it - it is important for you to see where you are going.
  • Always stock items in their designated place on the trolley - it is best to position heavy items on the bottom to prevent the trolley from overturning. If you are not sure where things go, ask!
  • If more supplies are needed than the trolley can hold, you will have to refill the trolley during the shift by returning to the floor storeroom: trolleys should never be overloaded.
  • Never lift anything on your own that weighs over 16 kg – this is a recommendation from OSH authorities. There are no maximum weight restrictions as the current approach is to assess every lifting...
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