How to Handle Dangerous or Suspicious Circumstances in a Hotel

How to Handle Dangerous or Suspicious Circumstances in a Hotel

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How to Handle Dangerous or Suspicious Circumstances in a Hotel – Hello Ajarian! Accommodation establishments are the setting for many illegal activities and all room attendants must be alert for signs this is happening or may take place. The role of housekeeping in this regard is only to ‘report’ – it is not to intervene, take action or put themselves in harm’s way.

Members of the public can target floors and rooms with a view to breaking and entering. If the thief has watched their target leave the property to go on a three-hour tour they know the target’s room will be ’safe’ for that period and it is a relatively easy target.

Other guests will use their room for illegal activities that they do not want to undertake at home.

Is the activity illegal or immoral?

Individual establishments can have different approaches. Most properties are not prepared to allow illegal activity and also frown on immoral activity. Some turn a blind eye to immoral activities deeming that what guests do in the privacy of their own room is their business.

You need to speak to your supervisor to determine what applies where you work and accept the position taken by the establishment. If you ever have any concerns about differentiating between ‘illegal’ and ‘immoral’ seek guidance on the distinctions form your supervisor and be guided by them and their experience.


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