How to Handle Questions Where You Don’t Know the Answer

How to Handle Questions Where You Don’t Know the Answer

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How to Handle Questions Where You Don’t Know the Answer – Hello Ajarian! A major part of the service staff’s role is to respond to guest questions regarding menu items. Doing this provides not only an opportunity to be of service but also to promote items in line with the kitchen’s advice.

However, regardless of how much work and research you do there will always be occasions when you are asked a question you can’t answer. When this happens, don’t get upset, annoyed or embarrassed, treat it as a learning experience and:

  • Apologize to the guest
  • Tell them you don’t know the answer to their question
  • Tell them you will go and find out, ask the kitchen etc.

Go back to the guest and pass on what you have found out. As well as giving information to the kitchen and bar, you will be required occasionally to pass on information from the kitchen and bar to patrons.

This information can be:

  1. Finding out from the kitchen, answers to questions asked by guests such as the ingredients in a certain dish
  2. Clarifying cooking methods, temperatures, side dishes or sauces that were not recorded on an order
  3. Passing on to guests the bad news that their mains will be delayed
  4. Letting the guests know that unfortunately all of a certain item has been sold out, and that they need to order something different.

A high level of product knowledge is needed to answer guest questions, and in the majority of cases, you will need to ask questions yourself to make sure you have the necessary information to pass on to customers and guests. All information provided to guests in response to their questions must be truthful and conveyed in a courteous manner.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Nick Hyland

Subject Matter: Provide food and beverage services

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