How to Handle Threatening or Suspicious Calls

How to Handle Threatening or Suspicious Calls

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How to Handle Threatening or Suspicious Calls – Hello Ajarian! It is a fact of life that the telephone provides a readily available tool for threats or prank calls. You need to be prepared to take appropriate action on any call that you deem to be threatening or suspicious.

It is never acceptable to ignore any call that could be regarded as either.

Most hotels have standard procedures for staff to take when or if they receive a threatening or suspicious phone call so it is essential you identify and adhere to specific protocols for your individual workplace.

What sort of calls might be involved?

It is possible a business may receive threatening or suspicious phone calls such as:

  • Bomb threats
  • Hold-up threats
  • Threats to staff members
  • Threats of retribution
  • Threats to damage property
  • Nuisance or prank callers.

What action should you take?

Calls falling into any of the above categories must be taken seriously – without exception.

It is never up to an individual staff member to make decisions whether or not a threatening phone call is real or not. All threatening calls must be treated as genuine. Never assume the caller was a hoax.

Many hotels have prepared their own internal responses to emergency situations, called an Emergency Action Plan, which is their...

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